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Beverly Hills Rehab Center

Depending on the type and even severity of addiction, you can have a lengthy or short stay at a rehab facility. Choosing the right rehab center will increase your chances of a successful recovery and make your stay comfortable. However, going to an addiction treatment facility with a serene setting is an added advantage. At 90210 Recovery, our Beverly Hills rehab center is located on the scenic hills of California. With a serene and safe haven like ours, you or a loved will have the perfect environment to pursue a life free from addiction. 

Overview of Our Rehab Center

Apart from treatment, there are various aspects of alcohol and drug rehab centers that can improve your chance of making a quick, successful, and lasting recovery. Here’s an overview of our rehab facility. 

Located on Scenic Grounds

The location of our Beverly Hills drug rehabilitation center is therapeutic. We’re situated on the highest peak that showcases breathtaking views of Beverly Hills. This offers you or your loved one an opportunity to recover in peace without the chaos from the outside world. From the minute you enter our facility, you’ll feel right at home, with the added advantage of five-star accommodation. This experience eases an already stressful situation giving you the utmost peace of mind. Our bedrooms, meeting areas, dining area, and relaxation centers are specially designed for your comfort. 

Skilled and Qualified Staff

In our Beverly Hills drug rehab, we have employed the very best. Our team upholds the highest standards and follows our treatment philosophy. Not only do you receive second to none services from our support staff, but we have also employed a clinician, doctor, psychiatrist, chiropractor, therapist, and nurses who are all highly skilled and experienced to effectively treat various kinds of addiction. 

Our addiction and substance abuse treatment in Beverly Hills is holistic. It ranges from giving you the very best environment that promotes healing to activities such as yoga, meditation, acting classes, and creative writing. We also offer chiropractic treatment and massage therapy to keep you relaxed and focused on your recovery. Our holistic treatment is designed to equip you with stress-coping mechanisms to thrive when you leave rehab. In addition, our staff helps you build a healthy routine to maintain sobriety.


Our Drug and alcohol detox in Beverly Hills, CA, allows you to gain control of your life. Our treatment is focused on detox, recovery, and your mental health. We have a highly-skilled psychiatrist who, through various forms of therapy, will look at all the issues you’re dealing with to get to the root cause of the addiction. Most of the triggers for alcohol or drug abuse occur when you have underlying traumas that have gone unaddressed. We are aware of this, and we make sure we treat all the symptoms as well as the underlying cause. Not only do we offer treatment when you visit our facility, but we also have an aftercare program to help you maintain long-term sobriety even when you leave rehab.

Take Control of Your Life Today

If you feel as though alcohol or drug use has taken over your life, you need to seek help from our Beverly Hills rehab center to receive world-class care and treatment. Contact 90210 Recovery to speak with our addiction treatment specialist on 844-462-8571.

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