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This is a place where I share occasional writings and ideas that may help you in your own journey. The collection features stories from my own experience and the women that I have worked with over the years; including ideas and tools that have resonated with us during our work together. I hope that you will find them interesting and inspirational too.

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What to do when anxiety becomes an problem

Anxiety, a helpful survival instinct or the bane of your existence? Like it or not as a woman you are twice as likely as your male counterpart to be diagnosed with an anxiety disorder. The top reasons according to the Canadian Mental Health Association: Our hormonal changes, caregiving stress, and women’s likeliness to seek help compared…

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Do you wake up feeling sad?

Sarah reports that the first thing she feels every morning when she wakes up is sad… not depressed it’s more like a low-level sadness lingering in the background. She feels this as she goes through her day. It doesn’t prevent her from having positive feelings and experiences as well but it’s a behind the scenes negativity that…

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What if I’m alone forever?

Does the fear of “being alone” keep you in an unfulfilling relationship? Or perhaps you are currently alone and think there is something wrong with you? Perhaps you think you don’t deserve better, are too old, too fat, too unattractive, or defective somehow and this leads you to believe that no one would want you.…

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The best of self care 2015 – from the couch!

No doubt you are busy trying to maintain a balance of work, family, friends and other obligations during this holiday season. Need a few ideas to help keep you grounded in all your busyness? Have a read through the top 6 favourite ways my fabulous clients practised self-care in 2015 in the 4 core components…

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What feeling bad can teach you

Human beings were designed to experience a wide range of emotions. Society today however wants us to think we should experience only one… ‘Happiness’ Happiness is a desirable emotion to pursue indeed but it is not our only one. Some emotions we enjoy feeling, some are confusing and we have trouble identifying them. Others feel so…

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How to turn a problem into an opportunity

One of the worst ways we can spend our time and energy is by complaining about our problems. Often we don’t even know we are complaining until it is pointed out to us by someone who no longer wants to bear witness to it. My partner busted me the other day for complaining about a problem…

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Make room for joy! Clear away energy drainers

A little story that may sound familiar to you… The other day, over coffee I was telling a friend that every morning before I begin my work I want to carve out time for exercise. She responded with a smile, an eye roll and…”Do you know how many times I have heard you say this…

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Feel your way to a better life

They say the joy is in the journey but if you don’t like the way you feel about your life how can you really enjoy the journey? A client recently told me she feels numb. She longs to feel as though she is truly living her life rather than just surviving it yet doesn’t know…

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Hello F.E.A.R.

Fear can be a bigger than life roadblock for many of us women. It can seem like a tightly sealed box full of unidentified scary things that stand between you, who you truly are inside and what you want for yourself. The reality is it’s our fear of fear that tends to cause more problems…

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7 ways to build self-confidence

These days I have become much more comfortable with risk taking. That doesn’t mean I am ‘comfortable’, it means I am getting used to putting myself out there in bigger and more visible ways. It wasn’t always this way as I am fundamentally a shy introvert and had to build self-confidence in order to take those risks. Following…

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