No doubt you are busy trying to maintain a balance of work, family, friends and other obligations during this holiday season.

Need a few ideas to help keep you grounded in all your busyness?

Have a read through the top 6 favourite ways my fabulous clients practised self-care in 2015 in the 4 core components of wellness – physical, emotional, spiritual and mental.

Top physical health practices

Oops there are 7 here!

  1. Gym – Curves fitness for women – There are a few locations around Vancouver. Beba at the North Van location has gathered a terrific staff of ladies to assist you!
  1. Run – trail, seawall, or through the running room – many locations around the lower mainland to accommodate you.
  1. Walk – to work, the seawall, Pacific Spirit or Stanley Parks.
  1. Clubs – walking, running, hiking, grouse grind, ski etc. Google eg. ‘walking clubs’ or ‘meet up’ groups near you.
  1. Cooking, Dance classes – community centres near you.
  1. Massage Therapy – The talented Mariana Mousouliotis comes highly recommended
  1. Naturopathic Preventative Medicine – Taryn Deane – Strengthen your mind, body and soul with this beautiful lady.

Top emotional health practices

  1. Sleep – This one really needs to be included in all components because it is as crucial as food and water when it comes to overall health.
  1. Volunteering time to help others – hospital/hospice, seniors centre, downtown eastside, and women’s centres.
  1. Limiting or eliminating toxic relationships.
  1. Making new friends – at work, through volunteer venues, clubs, classes.
  1. Learning to set boundaries and navigate difficult emotions through counselling.
  1. Understanding and cultivating how you want to feel every day, eg. Gratitude. Create a list of people, things, situations etc. that help you to experience gratitude and consciously practice experiencing gratitude every day by doing something from your list.

Top spiritual health practices

  1. Meditation – yoga studio, at home with Deepak & Oprah’s online 21-day challenges or a favourite self-guided meditation.
  1. Yoga – My fave is Ocean Breath Yoga – A lovely boutique studio on Granville Island
  1. The tried and true listening to soothing music while taking a bath (some add a glass of wine and a book to this ritual).
  1. Being present and not thinking about the past or future.
  1. Spending alone time in ways that feel fulfilling to you.
  2. Being authentic about the way you feel and what you want.

Top mental health practices

Emotional, spiritual and physical practices can lead to enhanced levels of mental health

  1. Games – Word search, candy crush, sudoku.
  1. Counselling.
  1. Learn something new – new language, new craft, and new musical instrument.
  1. A good nights sleep – keeps negativity at bay
  1. Mental stillness (meditation, adult colouring books, handicraft, running)
  2. Learn to see the opportunity in ‘problems’.

Hopefully, you have rekindled some tried and true forms of self-care to help keep you grounded through the holiday season and perhaps you can take a few new ideas with you into the New Year.

As always… contact me if you want a helping hand—otherwise, see you in 2016!

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