• My Approach


As your therapist, I can help you transform your life: 


  • Identify the ‘should’ messages you received
  • Unearth unhealthy thoughts and behaviours that
    are getting in the way
  • Discover your unmet needs
  • Uncover blocks to understanding who you are
    and what you want
  • Break free from the life that no longer serves you

When you let go of who you think you should be and become who you are, you become more responsible for the choices you make and, most importantly, you become HAPPY.

You discover that you are your own source of happiness and that this is your natural state of being. You discover what inspires you and makes you feel fulfilled. You discover your purpose and how to live with meaningful actions.

What to expect From Counselling 

My overall goal for our therapy sessions is to help you get on track with your happier life in 8-10 visits.

Your first visit:

I support, encourage you and offer empathy while you express your problem or situation. My goal is that you experience relief and feel hope that a happier, more fulfilling life is possible.

The next 2-4 Sessions:

We explore the messages you received about how you ‘should’ live, and the blocks to being who you are and the life you want. I will ask tough questions, challenging the way you were taught to think and behave. You will explore how your current situation can be an opportunity for change.

The Final 5-10 sessions:

When you are ready to move forward, I will help you empower yourself to take the steps you need to make the positive and lasting change that you seek.

Finally, when you are on track and feeling confident we will discuss when to close our sessions. I will be your ongoing support as needed along your path to your happier life.

Take the first step to feeling better.
To book an appointment, or a complimentary
30 minute phone consultation, email lyn@lynfirthcounselling.ca, call 604-809-7438, or book online.

Therapy Approaches I use 

I use a variety of therapy approaches depending on your situation and what will work best in helping you achieve your goals.


This form of therapy is designed to help you explore painful problems in your life by helping you to see the parts of yourself that are exhibiting the problem behaviors.

I work with you to identify and resolve the often conflicting ‘should’ messages that hold you back from knowing who you really are and living the life that YOU want.

When you experience the benefits of Persona Therapy, your life becomes more peaceful, more meaningful and your lifelong goals become much easier to accomplish.


CBT focuses on the thoughts, beliefs and behaviors that are creating emotional problems. We focus on ‘should’ messages, the meaning you attach to them and the resulting behaviors that may be blocking you.

Understanding how you think empowers you to change your mind so you can make decisions to improve your life.


The humanistic approach to therapy asserts that you are the expert on yourself. It holds that you already possess the answers to problems.

I offer empathy, warmth, and collaboration to help you find answers. I provide a safe, genuine environment, free of judgment. I provide unconditional positive regard, while you experience and accept more of yourself as a person and move towards achieving your goals.


MBCT encourages you to be aware of each thought, so that you can prevent one negative thought leading to a chain of negative thoughts.

Breaking free from a life of ‘shoulds’ requires taking risks by thinking and doing things differently. Fearful thoughts will surface that can keep you stuck and prevent you from moving forward.

Through mindfulness training I will help you overcome your fears and stay on track with your goals for a happier you.

Take the first step to feeling better.
To book an appointment, or a complimentary
30 minute phone consultation, email lyn@lynfirthcounselling.ca, call 604-809-7438, or book online.