• About Lyn

My professional life began with an early start in health care and from there I went on to explore many other interests, skills and abilities including costume design, restaurant owner/operator, interior decorator, college instructor and executive in the corporate world.

Throughout my life the consistent thread has been my passion for personal growth and helping people identify and overcome ‘problems’ that hold them back from who they truly are inside and what they want for themselves both personally and professionally.

This lifelong passion for helping has finally led me to my true calling… a Clinical Counsellor and Life Skills Coach in Private Practice.

I have had many life experiences along the way including being born into a family struggling with addictions, divorce, and living in another country. I describe myself as a shy introvert with social anxiety and as challenging as it can be to live with, I am testament that we can learn to successfully manage or overcome ‘problems’ that hold us back from living the successful life we want and deserve.

Professional Counsellor Credentials

Diploma – Professional Counsellor & Life Coach – Rhodes Wellness College

Certified – Persona Therapy – Persona Therapy Institute

Certified – The Developmental Model of Couples Counselling – The Couples Institute

Attachment & Trauma Training – Trauma Institute

Qualified Clinical Supervisor

Related Background

    • Instructor – Rhodes Wellness College

    • Instructor – Persona Therapy Institute


    • Mentor – Women’s Enterprise Centre

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