• Engaging in Unhealthy Behaviors

Perhaps you’re in a rut – not looking after yourself, not eating properly, and not exercising. You may be engaging in addictive behaviours – drinking too much, eating too much or using other substances to cope with the stress or problems in your life.

You wonder how things got out of control and you’re worried about your behaviour, but feel unable to do anything to change it.

Making healthy changes is easier said than done. Even when we’re strongly motivated, adopting a new, healthy habit or breaking an unhealthy one can be extremely difficult.

Depending on your situation it can be difficult to get regular exercise because it’s inconvenient, they have too little time or feel too self-conscious to take an exercise class.

One problem when it comes to change is we’re often motivated by negative thinking – a sense of guilt, fear, or regret. I don’t want to be fat, I don’t want to be an alcoholic, I don’t want to get a disease etc. It’s hard to achieve a desired goal when the motivation is rooted in negative thinking.

Positive and lasting change is more likely when it’s rooted in positive thinking.

Here’s how Counselling can help

  • Exploration of your current and desired life situation
  • Identify unhealthy thoughts and feelings that lead to the behaviours holding you back
  • Discover the root of the behaviour
  • Learn healthier coping strategies that help you break free from painful patterns
  • Life Skills Coaching to help develop realistic and achievable goals (and adjust as needed)
  • Feel empowered, better about yourself and your life


Making Healthy changes is an ongoing process not an event. If you are ready to change and want to take that step forward. I encourage and welcome you to contact me today.

Take the first step to feeling better.

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