• Counselling for Men

As a man you can experience unique challenges as a result of certain social, familial and cultural norms. Stigma surrounding men asking for help and masculinity may make you more reluctant to seek counselling to help you resolve your challenges.

You may also have a more difficult time trusting or opening up to a therapist, a process that is necessary to discuss personal issues.

Traditionally, more women than men have sought counselling. For too long the concept of talking about feelings and exploring emotional and mental difficulties has been viewed as a female rather than male characteristic. This has been embedded in gender socialization and how women and men evaluate themselves and each other.

You do have emotions and feel things such as anger, grief, shame, sadness and anxiety in the same way as a woman but through rigid gender roles you may feel you are not ‘allowed’ to talk about your feelings and think you need to keep them a secret.

You may minimize or not recognize your own emotional pain, bottling it up or externalize it with anger, aggression or addictive behaviors (causing feelings of shame, low self-esteem) rather than seeking support.

Maybe you aren’t able to pinpoint the issue exactly but if you have a problem that’s affecting your ability to function, is costing you relationships, jobs or otherwise negatively affecting your life, it’s important to get help. Counselling will help you understand how the past is affecting you today, resolve old patterns, and handle life better.

If you are ready to make changes big or small let’s talk. My non-judgmental, solution focused approach will help you develop new healthy strategies for achieving your goals for a happier life more in line with who you really are.

Take the first step to feeling better.

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