• Counselling for Women


Although men and women share many common problems some problems are unique to women.

You have likely to some degree been living your life according to a list of ‘shoulds’. You’ve lived according to how your family, cultural constraints and society at large has told you that you ought to be and live.

Women are traditionally considered to be more emotionally aware and expressive than men, but in efforts to be expressive a woman can be discounted  as crazy, hysterical, overreacting, dramatic which make it more likely that she’ll turn inwards with her emotions leading to anxiety, depression, low self-esteem and low self-confidence.

Women’s issues often surface when someone has experienced abuse (physical, emotional, verbal or sexual), relationship problems, physical conditions, family problems, or loss. These issues can make anyone feel lonely or isolated, depressed, lacking confidence, anxious or stressed.

Often a woman’s need to feel heard and understood is not met in a society where women are expected to listen to and care for others when they are often the ones that need nurturing too.

Counselling can help a woman better understand the feelings, thoughts and beliefs that lead to certain unwanted behaviors. It can help pave the way to empowerment in terms of decisions and self-acceptance, two elements that can improve relationships and life in general. Working through these issues is essential because it determines a woman’s experience of life and the people around her.

Counselling will help you to learn to set clear boundaries, gain assertiveness, build self-esteem, achieve work life balance, redefine relationships, improve communication and resolve resentment and anger issues.

I welcome you to a safe and confidential environment where you can express yourself, process your emotions and reframe your thoughts, while learning how to assert empower yourself to get unstuck and achieve a happier life.

Take the first step to feeling better.

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