• Clinical Supervisor

Clinical Supervision is a specialty within the overall practice of counselling and an important component in the development of skilled therapists.

Clinical Supervision consists of the practitioner meeting on a regular basis with the clinical supervisor to discuss casework and other professional issues in a structured way.

Supervisors are mentors, teachers, supporters and evaluators who are tasked with facilitating the professional growth and development of therapists while safeguarding the well-being of clients.

Clinical supervision provides an opportunity for therapists to:

  • develop knowledge and skills competence
  • operate within your scope of practice
  • reflect and receive feedback on the content and process of your work
  • explore ethical implications and work dilemmas
  • discuss individual cases in depth
  • change or modify your practice as you progress
  • identify training and continuing education needs
  • explore your own personal and emotional reactions to your work
  • reduce burnout or compassion fatigue
  • fully embrace the concept of ‘do no harm’

Since 2010, I have worked in the field of counselling as a Registered Professional Counsellor, Master Practitioner in Clinical Counselling and Qualified Supervisor.

As a supervisor, I work collaboratively to provide the support you need to tap into your knowledge base and develop practical tools to ensure you provide quality client care.

I would love to share my expertise with you.

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